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608 4716d 01h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ added a way to simply create a way to add comments to your own models and implemented it for wiki snips. (actually a whole forum 'category' is dedicated to every model.)
606 4717d 02h ext /communitytools/trunk/static/ s/tonuge.gif/tongue.gif/
598 4732d 11h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ added first draft for a forum search application - Issue 111
543 4749d 08h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ added datepicker / moved jsincludes out of the base.html - it has now to be included in the base template of the project.
531 4754d 12h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ slightly improved? block sorting look
527 4755d 03h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ added first draft of a 'blocks framework'
502 4766d 07h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ using the minified jquery version because it loads faster.
498 4766d 13h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ fixed css warnings, made latest posts of a user max-width 50%
496 4766d 22h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ logging and displaying modifications to wiki snip title and associated tags. Issue 75 and Issue 102 - also: displaying what has changed in the snip history
490 4769d 23h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ and i forgot to commit the css :(
480 4774d 10h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ added list of latest post to user profile. issue 94
478 4774d 12h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ added post count for users - post count is relative to the current group - requires a new syncdb ! Issue 93
477 4774d 14h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ added vertical-align: top and a padding, issue 92
458 4781d 06h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ improved display of individual blog posts with their comments
452 4781d 09h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ improved loading of categorytypes, implementd tagging for blog posts, improved a couple of translation strings, translated a few board strings to germain.
411 4828d 01h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ added prototype of a tag edit widget (just a dummy implementation yet) / updated jquery / a couple of other fixes
399 4843d 04h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ added attachments to posts in the forum (Issue 66)
388 4860d 02h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ wiki: added a way to edit an old revision - to allow users to revert to this specific version.
381 4893d 08h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ slightly changed design of wiki snip rendering (last edited and history has been moved to the bottom of the page
374 4910d 02h kahless /communitytools/trunk/static/ moved wikilink css into community style sheets.

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