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647 4604d 23h bkroeze /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ restores compatibility with Django trunk, updates for signals refactor and newly removed core and validator_list parameters
645 4649d 14h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ ported admin pages to newforms admin - Issue 117
644 4654d 04h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ added check for staff members. see
643 4661d 19h leeland /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ + Added support for turning off the auto-wiki links in the community boards via the setting board_auto_wiki_link_enabled. Default behavior is to pass the posts through the wiki link renderer.
642 4674d 01h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ fixed bug preventing anonymous replies to work correctly - see
641 4676d 06h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ updated korean language files by jacob -
640 4676d 06h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ updated korean language files by jacobsphenecoll/sphene/sphwiki/locale/ko/LC_MESSAGES/django.po
639 4677d 09h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ fixed wikilink regex for .. well .. markdown snips
638 4677d 09h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ removed unused wiki link expression from code..
637 4677d 09h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ do not replace wikilinks (e.g. CamelCase) within <a> html tags. Issue 116
636 4678d 15h leeland /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ + Added captcha support for new user registration. It is off by default and can be turned on by adding captcha libraries and then setting the sphsetting 'community_register_require_captcha' to True.
635 4682d 03h leeland /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ + Fixed the captcha usage for displaying email addresses to flip to True by default if captcha's are active. Since this in internal it is updating the default behavoir leaving the option for direct setting of the behavoir to override it.
634 4684d 11h leeland /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ + updated the captcha system to allow for optional settings for fg & bg colors and border width
+ changed the captcha image generation to compute the size of the image based off of the text written
+ added an auto crop function to trim back the image to the exact size (true type fonts tend to lie about height and width so image size calculations are not really reliable to get the right sized box)
633 4690d 14h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ added category_id to next/prev button of forum search.
632 4695d 00h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ fixed possible index errors for forum search.
631 4695d 00h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ fixed the comments category type.
630 4695d 04h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ allow blogindex to show only one specific category - see
629 4696d 14h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ hidden blog category type extended the wrong category type
628 4697d 01h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ also allow 'sphbloghidden' to be shown in the blog.
627 4697d 12h kahless /communitytools/trunk/sphenecoll/ added a blog category type which will not be shown in forum overviews.

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