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Sphene Community Tools (SCT) -
Copyright (C) by Herbert Poul (

Sphene Community Tools are django applications designed to be easily
pluggable into any django project.

## Directories

- sphenecoll/   Collection of django application (the base source for SCT).
- static/       Static media files which contain images and css.

## Requirements

- [Django]( **trunk** (NOT compatible with 0.96)
- Python >= 2.4 (Use >= 2.5 if you need wiki diffs with unicode support)
- [PyCrypto]( - (e.g. debian package python-crypto)
- [Python Imaging Library (PIL)](

## Installation

### Django bug workarounds

The current django trunk contains a bug in the select_related method.

To workaround the problem (ie. don't use it) you need to activate the 
following setting:

    SPH_SETTING['workaround_select_related_bug'] = True

See <> - If this patch was already
committed or you applied it manually you can disable the workaround to
improve performance.

### Python library path

You need to add sphenecoll/ to your python include path and
static/ needs to be served from your django installation.
(static/sphene/ is enough)

### Maintenance cron job (Optional)

To recaulcate heat for forum threads and similar, you should add the following
cronjob to run once a day (or similar)

    echo -e "from import trigger_maintenance\ntrigger_maintenance()" | ./ shell --plain

### Cache

SCT makes use of django caching framework - it is therefore advised to 
configure CACHE_BACKEND django setting & co.
look at the [django caching documentation](

## Examples

The examples/ directory (currently) contains one example project.
Please see the README file in it's directory (examples/simpleproject)
for more information.