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646 4649d 13h kahless /communitydraft/ ported config to newforms admin - Issue 117
624 4705d 10h kahless /communitydraft/ added french to the LANGUAGES list
621 4706d 00h esimorre /communitydraft/ fr locale
617 4707d 01h esimorre /communitydraft/ fr locale
587 4738d 13h kahless /communitydraft/ Tagging version 0.4
585 4738d 13h kahless /communitydraft/ added host middleware urlconf to settings template.
566 4744d 00h kahless /communitydraft/ first prototype for rolegroup's - Issue 107
546 4749d 04h kahless /communitydraft/ added korean language files, by jacob:
544 4749d 08h kahless /communitydraft/ added styleincludes to template.
493 4769d 22h kahless /communitydraft/ tagged revision 349 as version 0.3
471 4776d 01h kahless /communitydraft/ added german translations for community strings.
469 4776d 01h kahless /communitydraft/ added symlink sitetemplates.
468 4776d 01h kahless /communitydraft/ moved sitetemplates into the community folder for easier translations.
467 4776d 01h kahless /communitydraft/ allow users to change between different UI languages
464 4778d 00h kahless /communitydraft/ moved registration url/view configuration into sphene/community/
453 4781d 08h kahless /communitydraft/ slightly improved the default title
434 4802d 21h kahless /communitydraft/ added LocaleMiddleware
430 4804d 22h kahless /communitydraft/ always use MEDIA_URL instead of /static/ - Issue 72 - thanks to the patch to restless.being --- Users have to include the context processor now
413 4828d 00h kahless /communitydraft/ configured the default redirect to to use the groupaware redirect filter.
410 4828d 01h kahless /communitydraft/ added a few more blocks to allow better customization

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